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USYC Annual Imam-e-Zamaan (AJTF) Conferences

Imam-e-Zamaan (AJTF): The Personification of Justice
With growing attention on the injustices suffered by Muslims around the world, USYC's conference focused on justice and how the Imam of our time is instrumental in establishing it once again. The respected speakers that addressed this topic were Moulana Saiyed Mehboob Mehdi Abidi al-Najafi, resident 'alim of the Islamic Education Center in Chicago, Sayed Haider Bahar al-Uloom,  a resident of Detroit who among other projects, works closely with the liaison office of the Imam Mahdi Association of Marjaeya or I.M.A.M , and Sheikh Abdul Jalil 'Isa, who caters to several mosques in his state of Virginia and the greater DC-area. The speakers elaborated on the divine system of justice that is both laid out and manifested by our Imam (AJ) and how this serves as the main source of hope for humanity.

Serving Our Imam: Imam-e-Zamaan (AJTF) August '08
To follow our first conference’s theme of "Knowing Our Imam," our second conference was titled “Serving Our Imam (AJTF)” and highlighted how we can better serve Imam-e-Zamaan (AJTF) by being true to our faith, our community, and ourselves. Syed Sulayman Hassan Abidi, Syed Abbas Ayleya, and Syed Ali Raza Rizvi spoke about the significance of being at the service of the Imam (AJTF) and how to do so while living in America. They also urged the audicence to stay active on issues concerning the community, and to remain true to our faith in order to truly be servants of the twelfth Imam (AJTF).

Knowing Our Imam: Imam-e-Zaman (ATJF) August '07
One of USYC’s proudest moments was the presentation of a conference in honor of the Imam of our Time (AS). Sheikh Hisham Hussaini, Hajja Najah Bazzy, and Sayed Haider Bahar al-Uloom spoke about different aspects to know and serve Imam-e-Zaman (AS). We were honored to have such great speakers come to USYC’s first annual conference. Look for the DVD of the Conference to be released soon.


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